Structuro-Communicative Approach

1-1/2 hour or 2-hour class (10 to 12 weeks) According to agreement.

Course syllabus handed in at the beginning of the session In order to learn a language, one must focus on:

Oral comprehension

All levels : Private conversations or in small groups.

Intermediate to advanced levels : Conversation Club “Share, Challenge, Have fun”

Written comprehension

For everyone : Reading, Written exercises and/or games – Activities according to the groups’ needs

The courses procedure

Contextual learning –

An Eye on English Verb Tenses (Louise Carey, author and editor) Learning method for verbs conjugations in context (THIS METHOD MAY BE ADAPTED TO THE LEARNING OF ALL LANGUAGES)

Elementary level: Language basics

First part of the course :

  • Written comprehension

Second part of the course :

  • Oral comprehension

Intermediate and advanced levels:

Return on the language basics when necessary according to the group’s learning process Accent put on conversation, increasing of the vocabulary, learning new expressions, etc.

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